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Entry #4

Kentuckin Fruckin Ow

2009-07-22 18:52:30 by tvstokboi

I haven't posted for ages cause I've been on holiday visiting family in the Gold Goast, and my hometown of Tokoroa. I recently got back from Aus so I'm pretty fucking tired, but will continue to do some work on projects and hopefully post them. I have been inspired by lard friend who sliced bread #2'ed an Asian kid to parody some popular songs such as Love, Sex, Magic by Ciara and In the Ayer by Flo Rida, which I'll probably do today as home from school 'cause I fucked up my back hardcore yesterday in P.E.
Oh, and the New Zealand Wrestling Nationals are on very soon, I'm getting closer to be a pro!


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2009-07-22 19:17:02

what happened to your back?

tvstokboi responds:

3 meter drop on concrete floor while doing gymnastics.
Ow Much