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3OH3! Cover Fail

2009-06-24 01:35:41 by tvstokboi

I am sooooooo pissed off. I have spent the last few days recording a Cover of 3OH3!'s Don't Trust Me and I have just found I have been banned from submitting audio. I can't understand why? If any can answer my question, please PM me


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2009-06-24 01:46:00

maybe cause of the cuss word?

tvstokboi responds:

Nah, my friends and I might have found out why, but it's because of an older project they deleted... and plus Don't Trust Me isn't THAT bad, I mean try out My Generation by Limp Bizkit or F*ck The World by Insane Clown Posse if you want hard out profanities!
Anyway Thanks for the idea


2009-06-24 01:49:22

dont trust a hoe is there worse song

tvstokboi responds:

meh, thats just your opinion on it, and that song is st...
WAIT! People Are Reading My Blog!
ZOMG! ^.^
Anyway, that song is still pretty big here in New Zealand, and so I thought it might help boost my popularity a bit.
And BTW its called Don't Trust Me not <quote>dont trust a hoe<\quote>